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With the number of mobile devices that surf the net, it is important that your website can adapt to the screen resolution of all these devices.  It makes it easier for people to read the contents of your site.


In the earlier years of mobile devices, most companies built two types of websites:  the desktop/laptop website that displays if a user is using a PC or a laptop, and a mobile site that shows if the user is using a mobile device. For the latter, normally the site would have the URL  The second solution would be costly and slow since the website would have to use Javascript to check what device you are using and redirect you to the right page.


Now, there is a technology that makes your website adapt to all the devices, this is called Responsive Web Designing.   A responsive website adjusts to the size of the screen that browses your website.  It re-arranges the layout so that you will be able to easily read and navigate through the website with minimum resizing and scrolling.  Basically It makes the site a lot easier to read with a phone.


Most websites can be converted to a responsive website, however its responsiveness has to be tested.  Pictures or text may overlap, and sometimes even the navigation menu’s style can be compromised by using the basic responsive techniques.  It is important to test the site in all resolutions to make sure that content does not overlap and everything is responsive.  The developer will have to do some tweaking to fix the overlapping.

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