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Some advice when having your website developed.

Use the latest technologies – Web development is forever changing and older technologies are slow and some are not even supported by the newer devices.  You want your website to work on all current devices and it is important that you test your site on each of the devices.

Have the site tested – Make sure that there is someone aside from the developer to test your site, your developer might not see everything.   What our team does is peer testing, aside from the designer testing. This assures us that we do not submit a half-baked site to our clients.

Communicate with your developer – Your developer needs your insights and feedback to build your site, and doing so keeps your developer on his toes and motivated.

Continuity of your site– Make sure your site is upgradable and you don’t lose your content when your design is changed.  There are CMS (content management systems) to do this.  All your content is stored in a database that just gets displayed in your site.  There are many CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.  Make sure your developer uses one of these systems, so that if decide to change your developer it is easy for them to make a new theme.  Some developers change the code of the CMS. We advice Against this because you will be at the mercy of that developer.  Right now the most commonly used CMS is WordPress and it has a huge community with lots of free and paid plugins you can use.

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