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Some advice when having your website designed

  • Try to follow the latest trends, however do not make your website too flashy because you have to take into consideration that most people use mobile devices to surf the net. Mobile devices do not have the same processing speed as computers so opening a website takes longer. Normal reaction of a person when a site takes too long to load is to go to another site. When this happens you already lose one potential customer. Keep your animations to a minimum and your pictures to lower resolution so that loading doesn’t take too much time.
  • Your site should make your viewers focus on what you want them to see. Try not to out-do your content with too much design. Try to keep it simple and clear so it is nice and easy to read.
    Try not to say too much right away. You can always use a read more button if the viewer wants to know more. The normal reaction of a person who sees too much text is to think “Wow that’s a lot to read” and will probably look for something else.

The latest design trends for 2014:

  • Responsive Design – This is the most important among all the trends. It simply means that your site adjusts from PC/Laptops to tablet and mobile devices. Viewers will not have to re-size the site to be able to read or view the site, it adjusts automatically.
  • Minimalist designs – This technique uses more white space, giving a cleaner and simple look. It removes the clutter from your site leaving a nice, clean and clear site that is straight to the point and effective. Don’t mistake this as design-less, in-fact it is more difficult for designers since they will be tasked to use less to show more and their designing skills will be put to the test. Simply saying it you want your site to look like a first class home and not a storage bin.
  • Large clear pictures – This style makes your viewers feel like they are in the site. It’s clear and gives a real feeling to it. This is best for hotels and resorts because it makes your viewer want to go to your hotels and actually experience it first-hand. It also gives a magazine like feel to the site and makes the site looks just simply awesome.
  • Scrollable pages – Normally a single page site that has some transition effect upon scrolling down to the next area. Parallax scrolling and on-scroll effect layouts are commonly used, however this should only work with desktop or laptop and should not show transition with mobile because it will be too slow.
    • Parallax scrolling is a type of animation where when the viewer uses the scroll bar two or more objects move with seemingly different timing like the background and object over the background.
    • On-scroll effects are transitions or renderings that are turned on once you scroll to the area where the objects are located.

    Most scrollable pages have their navigation fixed and seemingly floating on the page. This makes it easy for the users to navigate

  • Short video clips as the main slide are back in fashion, normally with some text that is written over it.
  • Infographics are used in some sites that need to present a lot of information. This are graphic images that present a lot of information in an eye catching and pleasing design.

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